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Mercantour National Park in the French Alps : walking holidays

Just an hour and a half's train ride from Nice take lie the other worldly wonders of the relatively unknown Mercantour National Park. Incorporating large swathes of the Alpes Maritimes and Alpes de Haute Provence, this is hiking heaven. The Mercantour National park is about 150km in length, follows the Italian border. Small villages feel untouched by time. The Mercantour is awaiting UNESCO World Heritage status. And yet it has escaped mass tourism. No big hotels, no resorts – just real life and Alpine gîtes.
Here's a quick flash of its beauty!

In the French Alps, the outstanding features of the Mercantour National Park

Self guided Tour in the Mercantour

A special but fragile area!
In the Mercantour, in our valley, there are a lot of km of waymarked ways . So, there is a vast choice of routes. Conquer summits such as the Mont St Honorat( 2540 m) or Mont Mounier ( 2820m) or Mont Pelat ( 3100 m), or take less challenging walks through canyons Donkey and his family such as the Gorges de Daluis or around Alpine Allos lake. Walking the traditional way, with a donkey to carry your bags from inn to inn or baggage transferred by cars.
The Mercantour National Park was established in 1979 in this long-recognised area of precious natural habitat. As an alpine park close to the Mediterranean, this surprisingly original geographical location gives rise to an immensely varied landscape : rocky areas, glacial cirques and valleys strewn with deep blue and brilliant green lakes, vast high alpine pastures, thick forests, narrow valleys, picturesque gorges and crystal clear rapids.

The Mercantour Alps

Lac d'Allos

Sunshine and blue skies
Because of the nearby sea, alpine and Mediterranean influences converge to produce a mild and sunny climate, ideal for hiking in the height of summer.

Protected mountains
At altitudes ranging from 1200m to 3000m, chamois, marmots, eagles and wolves live undisturbed inside the boundaries of the Mercantour National Park.


The largest natural glacier lake in Europe at this altitude (2,220m), lakes of turquoise nesting in lush alpine meadows scattered with gentian. In the shadow of Mont Pelat, there are a number of hikes possible to this stunning waterfront.

Gorges de Daluis

A flora unique in Europe

Breathtaking passages through a canyon with rocks the colour of red wine. Woods of stern larch trees and stark mineral peaks. A 6km-long canyon formed by the River Var, its red glow is thanks to the sandstone, iron oxide and copper mix. It runs north to south from Guillaumes to the small town of Daluis, where houses cling onto the valley slopes. With canyoning and climbing opportunities, following waymarked ways by foot is the sumptuously slow way to revel in the gorge's magnificent rock formations, waterfalls and dramatic drops.

This is the only French national park containing all levels of vegetation : from Mediterranean vegetation (holm oak, olive tree, hop-hornbeam) to rhododendron moors and up to alpine meadows at more than 2500 meters, whilst passing through fir, spruce, mountain pine, arolla pine and in particular larch forests. Of the 4200 plant species which exist in France, more than 2000 of them are present in the Mercantour National Park, including around 40 endemic species (found nowhere else). The springtime is a veritable symphony of colour.


A triumph for nature

In 1993, the Alpi Marittime Park and the Mercantour National Park were awarded the European Environment Diploma. This diploma is awarded to internationally recognised natural areas in which nature conservation is particularly important due to their scientific, cultural or recreational value and their natural beauty.

The Mercantour National Park is a haven for wildlife and wild flowers. With over 2,000 species of flowers, the meadows are a beautiful blanket o fmartagon lilies and striking blue gentian.June, with rare glimpses of protected snow-whiteedelweiss. The hills are also alive with the soundof wildlife, if you keep your ears open. Chamoisdeer are common, and tune into the whistlingsound of marmots too!


Mercantour tops
Walk and tops of the Mercantour


The largest natural glacier lake in Europe at this altitude (2,220m), lakes of turquoise nesting in lush alpine meadows scattered with gentian. In the shadow of Mont Pelat, there are a number of hikes possible to this stunning waterfront.

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